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Foot Products

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Packed full of oils including macadamia, jojoba, wheat germ and apricot to soften and soothe hard skin. Also contains peppermint, spearmint and tea–tree essential oils which are renowned for combating bacteria responsible for unwanted odours and fungi, and menthol to refresh,energize and stimulate tired, swollen feet.
5.00 (JOD)
A rich, creamy lotion, containing Shea butter and Vitamin E to help moisturise and soften your skin, plus Menthol, Peppermint and Cucumber extracts to help cool, refresh and revitalize tired, weary feet. The natural cleansing qualities of Peppermint also help combat foot odour.
8.00 (JOD)
Instantly refresh hot, tired, weary feet with this cooling peppermint, menthol and cucumber spray. Also helps combat foot odour.
6.50 (JOD)
Our foot file is the ultimate foot scrubber. Designed to immediately reduce calluses & corns to powder without any damage to your skin. The surface is antimicrobial & easy to sanitize. Suggested use: Use on dry feet only. Using the coarse side, file your foot gently with back & forth strokes until calluses turn into powder. Then, proceed with the medium side until skin is smooth. Sanitize with warm water & antibacterial soap.
3.00 (JOD)