Fragrant Oils

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Oud Fragrant Oil

is a unique and powerful musky fragrance with oriental woody notes.
3.00 (JOD)

Vanilla Ice Fragrant Oil

A soft and mellow fragrance with notes of warm woods.
3.00 (JOD)

Lemon & Lime Fragrant Oil

Fresh, zesty citrus. Sunny and sparkling.
3.00 (JOD)

Vanilla & Lime Fragrant Oil

Tangy top notes embrace warm floral musks.
3.00 (JOD)

Parisian Fragrant Oil

Chic and flirtatiously floral with sensual notes of Wood and Musk.
3.00 (JOD)

Strawberry Fragrant Oil

Fruity fragrance of fresh strawberries.
3.00 (JOD)

Sleep Easy Fragrant Oil

A soft and musky fragrance.
3.00 (JOD)

Raspberry Fragrant Oil

Fresh and fruity! One of Natural Looks’ luxury fragrances.
3.00 (JOD)

Romance Fragrant Oil

A clean, light fragrance; a balance of Exotic Fruits, Woods and a hint of Vanilla.
3.00 (JOD)